KS Security Solutions  provides comprehensive security integration, installation services and
maintenance support for both large and small projects. Each installation begins with an in-depth
survey of the premise, at which point we will determine what is required for a system to meet your
particular needs. On-site, our highly trained technicians will install the system in the location that is
best suited for the application.
We use state of  the art Digital Video Camera Systems which is very user-friendly. No technical or
computer knowledge is necessary.
At KS Security Solutions

Regarding our services or any questions please  contact our sales  representatives.

Let us be
Your Computer & CCTV Security Solutions Provider!
2.  Remote access system, including Internet access system.
3.  Totally covert system for employee theft applications.
4.  Motion detection capabilities.
5.  Customized installations to satisfy the specific client needs.
6.  Affordable and all inclusive maintenance contracts